Legal Services

Orglow services for law offices

Today’s successful law firms are those that are actively making the transition to a more efficient and productive practice by leveraging innovative new technologies and services. There are 4 major challenges law firms face today. First is keeping on top of client work, while trying to expand. Next is securely and effectively managing client documents through a workflow process and in archiving. Third is efficiently tracking employee productivity. Last is doing all the above while staying cost effective. Orglow is designed with all this in mind.

Most paperwork attorneys receive today, come in via mail, email, fax, or are dropped off by clients, and or delivered by court reporters other institutions. Orglow assures that each document is digitized for security and tagged for retrieval. Once digitized, documents can either be filed through the dashboard, or enter a predefined workflow process. As a managing partner you will be able to track source documents throughout the workflow process, checking in on them at any point in the workflow, and Orglow will track how long any given department has taken to advance the document in the workflow process.

Not only will Orglow track workflow processes, it works as a great communication tool for clients. Orglow assures that clients’ document are readily accessible to them and you, providing an additional service to clients and strengthening client loyalty.

By using Orglow you will increase your ability to track documents and staff performance at any stage of a workflow, thereby reducing office mistakes, while increasing efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Orglow will assist you by having motions, discovery, depositions, and any third party information, such as police reports, readily accessible to you and your clients, while being protected with the highest level of protection available. Orglow is HIPAA, SAS70, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

The Orglow team will create a client portal tab on your existing website so your clients can link directly to your Orglow portal to upload documents and come and train your staff on how to use our product. Contact us and find out how, today!