Orglow for Physicians

Legislation has passed mandating that all patient health records be electronic by 2014, furthermore many insurance companies are beginning to only take insurance claims in electronic format. With the deadline for electronic medical records compliance fast approaching, now may be a stressful time for many dental and medical offices, but it doesn’t have to be. Orglow offers medical and dental offices a cost effective solution for becoming HIPAA compliant.

By utilizing Orglow’s collaboration and customer creating features, not only can an office become HIPAA compliant, it can also offer services similar to that of larger medical companies, by having complete medical records available to patients 24/7/365.

Our workflow process helps track staff and employee productivity as well. Do not allow your attorneys and accountants to sit on work, with the workflow process and collaboration you can keep track of which phase in the process your staff is in.

Orglow is equipped with 256-bit encryption, this is above the industry standard, and is HIPAA, SAS70, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.
What will your patients do during a medical emergency, after hours? With 24/7 access to their medical records, you and your patients can be assured that they will receive the best and most informed care possible.

With all these robust features, not only will you be EMR compliant, you will provide your patients with an additional service that will keep the lines of communication open and improve patient retention.

Don’t hold off on being HIPAA compliant. Contact us today, and a member of the Orglow team will come out and show you how to get started!